Friday, October 28, 2011

Lil Debbie X Keep Ya Swag

This interview was originally published at Keep Ya Swag, the swagginest website you can find, but here is an english version for those of you who can't read italian yet. You should go learn italian though.

Keep Ya Swag: What has Lil Debbie been up to these days?

Lil Debbie: I am actually in the middle of working on my own personal music and branding myself. Usually you can find me at the tables practicing, hosting events or working on fashion designs for companies here in the USA and in UK. I’m also doing a lot of modeling, so right now I am pretty busy.

KYS: What companies are you designing for?

LD: We’re still in the works with potentially doing designs for a company that is based out of the UK. I cannot go into a lot of details, but they have worked with such people as Soulja Boy and Terrence J of 106 & Park. I also do a lot of work in the Bay area and in LA as well, collaborating with different designers. I can’t wait to show everyone what I have been working on. White Girl Mob and I are very new to the scene, but we have a lot to offer.

KYS: Tell us about the current state of White Girl Mob. Are we going to see any “Featuring Lil Debbie” on the Kreayshawn album?

LD: Ooooh, we might, you really never know. I am talking to V-Nasty about potentially doing a few songs with her on her upcoming projects, but nothing is set in stone.  Honestly, I would love to work with both of my sisters in White Girl Mob.

KYS: I’ve read that you are an Italian citizen. Are there plans to move there or is it more of a heritage thing for you?

LD: Yes, I’m an Italian citizen. I do plan on moving to Italy probably in my later 20’s, but it is definitely a heritage thing. My mother’s entire side of the family is Italian, and I have been there multiple times. We just figured we might as well get citizenship if we are always there.

KYS: Where is your family from in Italy? Keep Ya Swag is actually based in Naples.

LD: Heeeeey, my mom’s father is actually from Naples, Italy!

KYS:  I hate to ask this, but what is Lil Debbie listening to these days?

LD: I mostly listen to Bay Area rappers, southern music like Waka Flocka and some dubstep and rock too.  I’m in love with southern music, and I have been for the longest time. I love southern rap. Being a DJ, you need to everything that’s coming out, you know, so I listen to a little of everything, but definitely southern music and Bay Area rappers. I’m not really into emo music though.

KYS: So much music has come out of the Bay Area over the years, do you guys relate to all of it or are you on your own thing?

LD:  That’s a good question, I was actually talking to one of my DJ friends the other day, and for some reason he thinks that the White Girl Mob is one of the biggest things to make it out of the Bay Area. I listen to a lot of Oakland rappers, and I really think there is a definite comparison just because we all came from the Bay.  Basically, everyone goes through the same type of thing here, and being from the Bay Area we definitely have a different vibe.  It’s crazy because I grew up listening to a lot of local rappers and now I am actually able to get to know them, which is awesome.

KYS: How do you feel about being part of this first generation of musicians that have really come out over the internet as opposed to MTV or the radio?

LD: It’s really weird. I never thought that anything like this would ever happen. After Kreayshawn’s Gucci Gucci music video became publicized we were immediately in the public eye. Now we have fans and so many great opportunities coming our way. It’s exciting, but being out and meeting fans can be really nerve-racking. I don’t know how to act, I end up more afraid to meet them and they are to meet me. It’s just so different behind the Internet than in real life. I’m like, “What do I do?”

KYS: Being the steez queen, where do you get your personal style from?

LD: Honestly, I just go to random stores and thrift stores. What really attracts me are the colors, patterns, and the cut of the item. There’s nothing really that I look at when I go shopping; I usually just let my eye wander. But, I do definitely have a TLC, Aaliyah-ish vibe. It’s very 90’s ish, and it is really coming back.  Soon I want to incorporate my style into my own line within my business, Lil Debbie, LLC.  Make sure you guys check out a few fan shirts I have out right now at – much more is to come.

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