Saturday, December 24, 2011

Are You Serius?

I originally did this interview with Serius Jones a while back for my homeboys at Keep Ya Swag, so now I present you with an english language version of my interview with former Disturb Tha Peace rapper and jack of all trades Serius Jones.

KeepYaSwag: Serius, you have a new album dropping next month?

Serius Jones: Yes sir, on thanksgiving, Serius Business 2. Basically it is a culmination of some greatness. I’ve really been cheffin’ this one up, putting my heart and soul into this. For maybe about the last year now theres been a large array of features and producers on here, but I think the meat of the sandwich is that this album is about where I am at right now in life. I think people are going to relate to it on a deeper level than a lot of the music that we’ve been digesting lately.

KYS:You released a new song  -“Angry Birds” the other day…

SJ:Yeah, I didn’t even really release it, I just put it on youtube and in a couple hours it was up to a half thousand views. By the time I actually drop it, it should be in the millions, I think. It was really just a shout out to the creators of that game (Angry Birds). I really didn’t know about it, but one of my producers, JRockwell put me up on that game and showed me the beat he made. I thought it would be a clever way to flip it, because I do know a lot of angry birds. So it just worked out really well.

KYS:You do this all independently, no publicist, no label?

SJ:No I am completely independent. I’m not on a label, I don’t even have a manager. I’m actually shopping around, seeing who is the best, the most qualified. I do need professional representation just because the brand that I built is bigger than I can control by myself sometimes. I'm definitely looking for the right situation. I do so much on my own, music, videos, movies, mixtapes, freestyles, tours, but it’s at the stage where I really need someone who can elevate my game. I need someone to get me to the right boardrooms that I belong in.

KYS: So you essentially turned Serius Jones from a battle rapper to a brand on your own with social media?

SJ: Yeah, pretty much the game has turned into that. These are the days where you can be a self-contained unit, but you do need some level of machine, whether its financially or a stamp that qualifies you to take you to the next level, to actually move your project, get you some radio play, the things that take an artist to the next level.

KYS: You mentioned films, are you planning on making any more films since Life is Serius (the film)?

SJ: Oh Yeah! I got a new movie I’m making called “The Club.” I can’t really explain it, but shit is going to be crazy. It about the club, it’s going to be fucking hilarious. If you are into the nightlife, you are going to able to relate to every nook and cranny of it. I got my boy, JD Williams (the Wire), Jack Thriller, a bunch of real actors and comedians in it. It’s going to be monumental for me, not as a rapper, but in the film industry. I’m trying to treat the film aspect of Serius Jones as film and nothing to do with the fact that I am Serius Jones the rapper.

KYS: How did the collaboration with First Million Beats (Luche from Co’Sang and Geeno Beats) come about? What was it like working with foreign producers?

SJ: Those guys are my dudes, they’re really good dudes. I met them on tour, I was in Europe touring and everywhere I went I would ask where the studios were at, who the producers were. I shot a couple videos over there. Its cool, everywhere I went, I worked on something. I want to do a whole album called the “Euro Tour.” It’ll be on Itunes soon. I don’t really know how to not work, ya know? I feel funny if I’m not doing something productive. Anyway, the guys from First Million are my guys, they were real cool, down for the cause. They ended up coming to New York and we kicked it. Very talented dudes, there is so much talent across the world and I’ve been blessed to have found so much of it.

KYS: Mr. Jones, do you have any closing statements?

SJ: First of all, thank you for the opportunity. I want to thank everyone that’s been rocking with me and everyone who isn’t, give me the chance to show you who I am. I’ve been climbing up the mountain for a long time and now its time to plant the flag in the ground.

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